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Boost Your Personal Brand with Guest Blogging

AboutPakistan.com is an all-in-one Digital Platform for everyone and every business in Pakistan. We aim to empower every Pakistani anywhere in the world to start and grow their businesses with our smart marketing technology, inspiring content and award-winning support. AboutPakistan will be there where your interests connect you with your people. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Islamabad, AboutPakistan.com is 100% founders-owned.

Yes! We are accepting articles and opinion pieces for our website blog for Limited time.

Guest posting is the perfect way to boost your personal brand, and here's how to get started.

The key steps for every entrepreneur who wants to boost their personal brand with guest blogging:

Select Your Target Audience

Much like how you sell products or services, you want to get very clear on who you are trying to reach with your guest blogging efforts. Create a target list of trending topics based on your audience and then do a well researched article albeit following the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:
  • The article must have a minimum of 600 words.
  • Plagiarism is a must rule for our site so make sure the content is original and unplagiarized.
  • Choose the most appropriate keyword of maximum 4 words and minimum 2 words for the article. The title must have the keyword and use the keyword in the first paragraph and anywhere in the middle of the article.
  • Use headlines in the article and one of the headlines must have the keyword.

Develop Great Content

The key to creating a successful guest posting strategy is coming up with relevant and timely content. So you can discuss the latest trends and provide fresh and timely new content.

Pitch Your Story Ideas

When you have your target audience and story in mind, it is time to pitch your idea. You can pitch guest post ideas via email or our site's specific form. Your pitch should include a brief summary of your story idea (a paragraph or two at most) along with information about why you are a subject-matter expert.

Write Your Guest Post

Once your pitch is accepted, now you start writing your guest post. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines and when writing your guest post, take into account the format and style of other posts on the site. Format your post and headlines in the same way.

Promote Your Guest Post

The day your guest post is published, make sure you are available to monitor the comments on the post and interact with readers. Take the time to share your content on your social media accounts to garner maximum reach. You may also want to post a link to your guest post on your company site or personal blog.

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